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Homecare in Seal Beach CA

Homecare in Seal Beach CA: Stroke Recovery Realities

A Family Caregiver Looks at the Realities of Stroke Recovery

Your dad had a stroke. You’ve offered to handle the bulk of his home care after he’s completed rehab. Are you truly prepared for this? Here’s a family caregiver’s insight into what a day of care really looks like.

Homecare in Seal Beach CA: Stroke Recovery Realities

Homecare in Seal Beach CA: Stroke Recovery Realities


-Getting to the Basics

After her dad’s stroke, the daughter realized that she was in the best position to care for her dad at home. He spent a month in an inpatient unit learning some of the basics he lost following the stroke.
After a month, he went home for a mixture of outpatient and in-home therapy sessions. He needed a wheelchair to get around.

Once home, the daughter would be needed to help with transfers, mobility, meals, housekeeping, grooming, and toileting. It was a lot of work, but she felt she could handle it with the therapists taking over physical, speech, and occupational therapies.


-The Morning Routine

The daughter quickly learned that setting a routine was important. After getting her children to school, she drove to her dad’s house and let the dog out. After feeding the family dog, she helped her dad get out of bed and into his wheelchair.

From there, she helped him transfer from the wheelchair to a shower chair. This was her first hurdle. Her father was embarrassed having to get undressed with his daughter there. It led to frustration and anger on his part.

After fighting her dad in the shower, the daughter went to the kitchen and made sure he took his prescriptions. She prepared his breakfast and assisted him with eating. She had to drive him to his outpatient therapy session three days a week. After dropping him off, she returned to his house to focus on necessary chores like making his bed, cleaning the bathroom, and doing the breakfast dishes.

The dog needed a walk, so that was next on her list. After that, her dad’s first therapy session was coming to an end. She drove back to the clinic to pick him up and bring him home for lunch.


-The Afternoon

It was time to feed him lunch. The daughter prepared lunch and ate while she helped him eat. Following that, her dad liked to sit in his armchair and watch the news. This usually ended up with him taking a nap.

During the nap, the daughter was able to wash dishes again, sweep and mop floors, and clean counters. His nap was also a good time to take the dog for a second walk. By this point, she was exhausted and realized she needed help.


-Don’t Be Ashamed to Admit Help is Needed

Don’t feel that you must do it all. You’ll burn out. Your own health will be impacted. Elderly care services can take some of the strain of your parent’s care off your shoulders. Call an elderly care agency to learn more.


If you or an aging senior in your life are considering hiring homecare in Seal Beach, CA, please contact the caring staff at In Home Care Solutions today. Call (949) 250-0125 to speak with our caring staff.


Dr. Gina Kay, Founder and CEO

Dr. Gina Kay, Founder and CEO

Found and CEO at In Home Care Solutions
Dr. Gina Kay is the founder and CEO of IN HOME CARE SOLUTIONS .  Her company provides superior home care for seniors by matching caregivers to seniors according to personality profiles and the caregiver’s clinical experience with the seniors medical conditions   She is also President and founder of HEALTH CARE ACADEMY which provides education for Nurse Assistants, Home Health Aides and with objectives to provide nursing, Medical Assistant, Phlebotomy

Dr. Kay got her medical education in Brazil.

Dr. Kay also has a master degree in Film and Television from UCLA and has been an adviser for medical television shows.

Dr. Kay is very active in the Health Industry. She is a member of the American Board of Home Care, the National Association of Home Care, CAHSAH, California Association of Health Services at Home.  She co-chairs the education committee for the Down with Falls Coalition.    Dr. Kay is in the speaker’s bureau for the coalition helping educate health care professionals and the community on fall risks, diabetes, adverse drug reaction, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, dehydration and nutrition, etc…. for older adults.

Dr. Kay was nominated by the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) as the Remarkable Woman of 2008.

Dr. Kay is actively involved in many philanthropy and non-profit organizationssuch as the American Cancer Society, Susan G. Komen, the Philharmonic Society, Women Helping Women, Youth Employment Services, E-Women, Women Sage, Plasticos Foundation, CIELO and others.

Dr. Kay’s passion is to assist seniors to live long and thrive in the comfort of their own home.
Dr. Gina Kay, Founder and CEO