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banner_what-sets-us-apartGina Kay and the board of directors of In Home Care Solutions have been in the medical field since the 1980′s. Working in hospitals, clinics, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes, the group observed that seniors can live a healthier and longer life at home. They also observed that seniors in facilities seemed depressed and that visits from relatives were important on a daily basis. Since many relatives are busy coping with the fast pace of their own lives, Gina and her group customized a home care service that provides the care and assistance that each client needs, be it at home, in a facility, or in a hospital.

Gina learned to love seniors by listening to the teachings of her own grandmother, who told her that “Seniors are wise in their years and have a lot to offer.” While working in hospitals, she listened to their stories and experiences. The realization that our older generation does so much for all of us instilled in her the desire to give back by caring for all her clients with love and individual attention.

It is required that the Professional Care Provider and office staff care as much about her senior home care business as she does. A specific test was designed for this purpose. “We can really tell if the candidates for any of our positions wear their hearts on their sleeves and how ethical they are.”

Gina also has implemented many therapeutic forms of helping seniors. “I have seen many seniors improve their health when they care for or visit with an animal on a regular basis. Refocusing their attention on the animal will help them forget about their ailments and their health improves considerably. Engaging in old hobbies or developing new ones is another great therapy.”

About Gina Kay: 

- Voted 2008 Business Woman of the year by the National Association of Women Business Owners for  In Home Care Solutions’ Excellence in Business and Service.

- Current Education Director and speaker for the Down With Falls Coalition, an organization that teaches older adults how to prevent falls.

- Current Board of Directors for the Laguna Woods Business Club — A group of professionals that assists older adults. 

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