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Elderly Advice

Join us Mar 5 for FREE Alzheimer's Education
Join us on March 5th for a free Alzheimer's & Dementia Education Class. Learn the 10 warning signs, how to separate myth from reality, and address commonly held fears about Alzheimer’s disease. RSVP by calling 800.272.3900 or
Alzheimers & Dementia Education Events
Our 2018 Alzheimer’s and Dementia Education series with the Alzheimer's Association & Health Care Academy are classes designed to increase knowledge about brain health and provide information about typical age-related changes, Alzheimer’s disease, and related dementias. All are free to attend.
Hiring a Caregiver Privately or with an agency
Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. Moreover, the risk and consequences of hiring a caregiver privately are too great. You put yourself and aging loved one in serious jeopardy when you do not hire help from an established agency.
Don't Stress / Effects of Stress & How to Handle it
Stress in small doses is acceptable and may even help us perform under pressure or motivate us to do our best. However, feeling constantly overwhelmed or enduring long term stress can cause serious health problems. Are you prepared to cope with stress? Stress is your body’s way of responding to any demand or threat. Stress […]
making arrangements after loved one passed _ funeral
The loss of a loved one is already a stressful and emotional time even without the added (and overwhelming) responsibility of closing out the person’s life. There are many things to attend to after a parent has passed; from making arrangements to paying proper tribute and closing out bank accounts. Don’t try to handle everything […]
April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month A routine visit to the dentist may save your life. Nearly 36,500 people will be diagnosed with oral cancer each year and almost 7,900 will die from the disease. Oral cancer accounts for about two percent of all cancers annually diagnosed in the United States. Traditionally, individuals with the […]
Tax deductions if you're caring for an Elderly Parent
The number of adult children caring for an aging parent has risen dramatically recently. Caring for an aging parent can cost you your time, patience, and usually a significant amount of financial burden. Supporting an elderly family member can be expensive and costs continue to rise every year. DID YOU KNOW SOME TAX DEDUCTIONS AND […]