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Senior Activities

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Meet Misxka Blue // In Home Care's resident therapy dog Pet therapy studies show several emotional, mental and physical benefits interacting with pets can provide. It can help seniors with depression, anxiety, dementia, and more!
12 Days of Holiday Gift Guide for Elderly
Looking for the perfect gift for your aging loved one? Search no more! Our 12 Days of Holiday Gift Guide for seniors is a comprehensive list with gifts that are thoughtful, practical and will improve any older adult's life.
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Holidays can be especially tough for the elderly. Older adults can easily miss out on favorite holiday traditions or be forgotten during the holiday season. Here are ways to enjoy the holidays with our aging loved ones and caregiving tips.
Homecare in Newport Beach CA: Senior Indoor Herb Gardening
Homecare in Newport Beach CA: Gardening is a beneficial hobby for any senior. You want to get your mom active in gardening, but her mobility issues keep her from going outside. The yard simply isn't level enough for her to go outside with her walker. Have you considered bringing a garden inside?
Home Health Care in Newport Beach CA: Easy To Play Games For Teens and Seniors
Home Health Care in Newport Beach CA: You want your mom and dad to find common ground with your teens. You often have your teens with you when you go visit, here are some games that teenagers love and that many elderly adults also truly enjoy.