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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Our Caregivers

In Home Care Solutions understands that there are many questions that you and your loved ones may have. Below are some common questions that you may find useful.

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What process do you use in the selection of your CareGIVERS?

Our CareGIVERS are fully screened through FBI fingerprints, a National Criminal check, drug testing and a complete psychological profile which detects personality, patience, compassion, honesty and ethics. We verify all references and previous employment.

How do you find your CareGIVERS?

We have a reputation as a premier home care company referred by hospitals, doctors, and senior centers. It is known in the health care industry that we train and clinically certify our CareGIVERS at our own HEALTH CARE ACADEMY. CareGIVERS are interested in good training and good compensation and it’s known that we take care of our own. We also treat CareGIVERS with respect, as if they are members of our big family which is another reason why we have great longevity with our employees.

Can I choose the CareGIVER and/or meet her/him in advance?

Our clients can help select their own CareGIVER. We will provide you with his/her profile information to help you select the best candidate. Since we perform a psychological profile on both client and CareGIVER to assure compatibility, most clients are comfortable with our own selection.

Are your services available in Nursing Homes, Facilities, Rehabilitation Centers and Hospitals?

We provide CareGIVERS for residents of facilities, nursing homes and for those who require additional care in hospitals and rehabilitation centers.

What if I live far away?

Your loved one will be treated as a member of our own family. We will provide complete assistance of daily living, doctor coordination/appointments, clinical care reports on a weekly basis, household management, bill pay, pet care and all the necessities required to keep the home in order as well as the well being of your loved one. TLC calls to your family member also included.

What sets IHCS apart from other agencies?

Besides being professional homemakers, our CareGIVERS are unique in the fact that they are clinically trained, able to spot oncoming medical conditions and avoid hospitalization. They are pro-active and will take action, not allowing the medical condition to become chronic. We provide a complete PLAN OF CARE which includes personal care, exercises, range of motion stretches, ambulation assistance, healthy meal preparation, special diets, hydration, mind stimulation, special Alzheimer’s/Dementia brain exercises, music therapy, pet therapy, outside activities, etc. However, we will tailor the care as per your recommendations.  All CareGIVERS are clinically trained at our very own HEALTH CARE ACADEMY. IHCS is certified by CAHSAH (California Association of Health Services At Home) NPDA (National Private Duty Association) and the American Board of Home Care. IHCS is affiliated with several doctors, hospitals, facilities, senior centers and organizations. IHCS has the highest rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Because of our excellence in service, IHCS has been featured in newspaper articles, magazines and television. We believe in providing relief and giving peace of mind to all family members of our clients through excellent care to their loved one.

What happens if my CareGIVER is sick?

We work as a team, with back ups for each client. Another CareGIVER will be assigned to your loved one.

Who pays the CareGIVER?

IHCS will pay the Caregiver through our payroll services.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept checks, credit cards, workman’s compensation insurance and long term insurance payments. We will bill both of these insurances for you.

What are your minimum hours of Service?

We can service a minimum of two hours 3 days per week or a minimum of 4 hours two days per week.

What are your rates?

Please call 949-250-0125 – 877-813-5582 – 949-307-2280 or e-mail us at for rate information and a FREE ASSESSMENT.

Why should I use In Home Care Solutions instead of another company?

We teach our staff that all of us will age and will be needing care someday. If we treat our clients with compassion, love and respect we will receive the same kindness in return. IHCS does not tolerate negligence, tardiness and disrespect of our elders. We believe in serving and giving the best possible care to help our clients live a thriving long healthy life. IHCS is the agency hired by doctors because of the caregivers clinical understanding and the excellent service and reputation of the company.  Our CareGIVERS are clinically trained as well as excellent household managers able to perform all necessary tasks to facilitate your loved one’s life. We provide the best matched CareGIVER based on personality, common interests and medical understanding of the condition of your loved one. Our Core of Values is equal to none and we expect nothing else from all the employees we hire.