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Helping Grandma
Older adults are great at pretending that everything is “just fine” with them. That means their loved ones—typically adult children or grandchildren—must read between the lines and ask probing questions about the quality of their in-home care. Oftentimes older adults still view themselves as “the parent,” and therefore don’t want to bother their children or […]
Older people exercising in the gym
From regular exercise to stress reduction to eating well, adopting healthy habits is a great way for senior loved ones – and the rest of the family – to boost their energy.
old and young hands
Home is truly where the heart is. There is nothing quite as satisfying as cooking in your own kitchen, reclining in your favorite arm chair, or crawling into the well-worn crevice of your very own bed after a long day. As seniors age, so many things change. They may lose their memory, adult children may […]
Orange County Caregiver
DID YOU KNOW? OUR SPEAKERS BUREAU composed of doctors and nurses offer FREE PRESENTATIONS on Fall Prevention and Adverse Drug Reaction. Groups, facilities hospitals, senior centers, churches, organizations, etc… interested should contact 949-250-0125 or toll-free 877-813-5582. 
Complete Plan of Care
At In Home Care Solutions, our caregivers are clinically trained at our very own Health Care Academy which provides a comprehensive certification & degree program for family or professional caregivers in Southern California. Once trained, our caregivers are able to recognize signs of oncoming medical conditions allowing them to be pro-active and inform our clients […]
In Home Care Solutions is pleased to announce that our Case Managers will be providing FREE COGNITIVE TESTS in various Senior Centers throughout Southern California. Please Call 949-250-0125 or 877-813-5582 for the latest scheduled dates and locations.