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April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month A routine visit to the dentist may save your life. Nearly 36,500 people will be diagnosed with oral cancer each year and almost 7,900 will die from the disease. Oral cancer accounts for about two percent of all cancers annually diagnosed in the United States. Traditionally, individuals with the […]
Tax deductions if you're caring for an Elderly Parent
The number of adult children caring for an aging parent has risen dramatically recently. Caring for an aging parent can cost you your time, patience, and usually a significant amount of financial burden. Supporting an elderly family member can be expensive and costs continue to rise every year. DID YOU KNOW SOME TAX DEDUCTIONS AND […]
Reasons to be a Caregiver
Our friends, Health Care Academy, are hosting an Open House on April 12th from 3PM – 7PM. This is an excellent opportunity to discover a career in healthcare and learn how to start a rewarding and exciting career (in as little as 6 weeks)! It’s free to attend and you’ll enjoy food and beverages, networking, […]
Save the Date for the HCA Open House
Save the Date! On April 12th, we are hosting an Open House with Health Care Academy! Come discover the opportunities in the healthcare industry. Start a rewarding and exciting career in as little as 6 weeks. Here is everything you need to know about the event. PS – It’s free to attend! WHAT: Health Care […]
WHAT WE KNOW TODAY 47 million people worldwide are living with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease Every 66 seconds someone new develops the disease Almost 2/3 of people living with Alzheimer’s are female In 2017, Alzheimer’s and other Dementias will cost our nation $259 billion. By 2050 these costs can be as great as $1.1 TRILLION. […]
Steps to a Better You
You don’t have to reinvent yourself to become a newer, better you. You’re already great, but we all have little things we can improve upon (especially as we age). Nevertheless, it’s never a bad idea to take new strides towards becoming a better, healthier you. FACT: Your physical health impacts your mental health. FACT: Your […]
words of wisdom from the elderly quotes
Words of wisdom are insights and encouragement from people and their experiences about life. They offer us knowledge, life lessons and the consequences of our life choices. Upon reflection, words of wisdom can guide you in the right direction, simplify everyday life and/or provide motivation. It’s common to believe we get wiser with age. We […]
National Snack Food Month. Healthy Snacks for Elderly
February is #NationalSnackFood month. Snacks are completely acceptable and encouraged, IF they are healthy! In fact, finding nutritionally-balanced and convenient snacks for the elderly are a great way to supplement a suffering diet or appetite. THE IMPORTANCE OF HEALTHY EATING FOR SENIORS A well-balanced diet can help lower your risk of developing chronic health conditions. […]
GRANNY PODS The latest trend for aging in place
Placing an aging parent in a nursing home or assisted living is not ideal for most. Seniors typically want to maintain independence and this can cause huge financial constraints on families. While some adult children are willing to welcome grandma or grandpa into their own homes with open arms, this may not be feasible for […]