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World Cancer Day
Cancer affects people of all ages and locations. Currently, 8.2 million die worldwide from cancer each year. Cancer and other health risks increase exponentially with age. Nearly half the population who suffer from cancer are elderly (69 and older). With the rise of older Americans and increase of life expectancy, cancer may soon replace heart […]
Time to be kind
With all the political turmoil and difference of opinions, it seems our society could use a little more kindness more than ever. Imagine in 2017, if we lived in a world where everyone is just a little nicer. More kindness can help our communities and society thrive . Being kind is an essential way to […]
Are you preparing to care for an aging parent? Do you or do you know someone who can use home care assistance? Looking to help a senior stay at home and age in place? If you answered yes to any of the above, you’ve come to the right place! At In Home Care Solutions we […]
Elderly Depression and Suicide Prevention
True or False: Teens are more likely to commit suicide over an elderly person… FALSE Despite the fact older American adults tend to have less workplace stress, greater flexibility with their day and more wisdom to help cope with challenges than younger adults; depression and suicide increases with age. Older adults make up 12% of […]
Blue Monday is typically the third Monday in January and is notorious for being the most depressing day of the year. The idea is pseudoscience and determined by a number of factors calculated by a mathematical formula. Factors include: weather, debt, number of days after the holidays, low motivation levels, and unsuccessful new year’s resolutions. […]
Year in Review
Another year has come and gone. In our opinion, 2016 has flown on by! In Home Care has stayed busy this year between delivering exceptional care-giving services to our valued clients, staying active and giving back to the community, or creating informational and engaging content for our website and social media pages. As we turn […]
Managing the Holidays and Elderly with Cheer Plan
“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” Sometimes that famous Charles Dickens’s phrase seems too suitable for the holiday season. The holidays mean all sorts of things to each of us. For many, the holidays are very much about family. ‘Tis the Season to spend time with our aging parents, […]
Bedroom Basics for a Better Night's Sleep
Sleep is a necessary ingredient in leading a healthy life. Sleep, is essential for optimal day-to-day functions and affects both our mental and physical health. A third of our lives is meant to be devoted to sleep. A good night’s sleep is especially important for the elderly Good sleep habits improve concentration and memory function, […]