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Laughter - The Best Medicine
Laughter really is the best remedy. It not only cures your blues, but studies show having a good laugh can not only brighten your day, but improve your overall health. A new field called, Gelotology, is exploring the benefits and science of laughter. The study of “laughter” first became of serious interest after Norman Cousins published […]
Communication is how we relate to others, an integral part of our relationships, and the way we express our thoughts, wants, and needs. The state of our brain heavily influences the way we communicate and interpret messages. Alzheimer’s is a disease of the brain. As Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia progress, they severely […]
Imagine a world without Alzheimers
As of today, Alzheimer’s and Dementia can’t be slowed, cured or prevented. Our friends at Syrentis Clinical Research and Dr. John Duffy are working to change that. Syrentis Clinical Research and our friend Dr. John Duffy strive to better the lives of those affected by Alzheimer’s. By developing cutting edge treatments, they aim to achieve […]
Reasons to be a Caregiver
Caregiving; albeit challenging and a job not for the faint of heart, undoubtedly offers profound rewards for those who look past the demands and approach the job with compassion. In a previous article, we discussed the Top Qualities Caregivers Possess . Do these qualities describe you or someone you know? If so! Have you or […]
Thanks to technology, modern advances, smartphone apps and new devices we can prevent our aging loved ones from moving into a nursing home longer. Technologies for the elderly offer us a peace of mind and allow for our aging loved ones to remain put in the comfort of their own homes. Many seniors prefer to keep […]
How To Get through Caregiving with more grace and ease
Caregiving for an aging loved one can drain us of our time, energy, and sanity. How do we ensure our own happiness and success while looking after the wellbeing of another? Believe me – It’s a balancing act. But, caregiving with more grace and ease is feasible! Here are a few life hacks to help […]
In Home Care / In the Community
In Home Care Solutions truly believes it’s important to stay active in the community. The latest event we participated in was the 27th Annual Southern California Alzheimer’s Disease Research Conference hosted by UCI Mind in partnership with Alzheimer’s Orange County. In attendance at the conference were over 400 clinicians, researchers, students, aging-service providers, and caregivers. […]
Fall prevention this Fall
Slips and falls should not be taken lightly when it comes to the elderly. Falls are the leading cause of injury among older adults. As we age, our body changes and we are more prone to serious injury. A little fall can cause serious complications for seniors. In one of our previous articles on Elderly […]
International Older People's Day
October 1st is officially International Older People’s Day and a time to recognize all of the achievements of older persons around the globe. It is also a time to celebrate, honor, and pay respect to the seniors in our lives. “After a lifetime of working, raising families and contributing to the success of this nation […]