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Trained Caregivers

Our Caregivers Receive Special Training

Orange County CaregiverDID YOU KNOW? In Home Care Solutions trains and certifies our Costa Mesa and Orange County CareGIVERS on various ailments at our HEALTHCARE ACADEMY. Not only do our CareGIVER provides complete assistance of daily living, but they are able to recognize signs of on coming medical conditions and take immediate action, eliminating the problem at its inception. Chronic conditions can occur when CareGIVERS do not understand the disease, and just accept the symptoms as part of a medical condition.  IHCS staffs CareGIVERS that are trained in the specific medical condition of the client. CareGIVERS are also trained as homemakers, providing all the necessary comforts required by the client.


Our HCA offers training and education for Costa Mesa and Orange County Caregivers, Professional Caregivers, Certified Nurse Assistants(CNAs), Home Health Aids, (HHA) and Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN). HCA has developed CERTIFICATION and DEGREE PROGRAMS with the help of health care leaders to prepare our caregivers to work in today’s fastest-growing career – the health care industry. With year-round class offerings, you can earn your certification in six weeks, or your degree in as few as three months to two years! For more information on our comprehensive certification and degree programs, please visit today! Health Care Academy