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Undoubtedly; In Home Care Solution’s success and our senior clients who thrive, would not be possible with out our outstanding caregivers. A home care business succeeds by retaining high-quality caregivers. Exceptional in home care begins and ends with having the best caregivers. A little appreciation goes a long way; thus we decided to recognize and […]
Laughter - The Best Medicine
Laughter really is the best remedy. It not only cures your blues, but studies show having a good laugh can not only brighten your day, but improve your overall health. A new field called, Gelotology, is exploring the benefits and science of laughter. The study of “laughter” first became of serious interest after Norman Cousins published […]
Reasons to be a Caregiver
Caregiving; albeit challenging and a job not for the faint of heart, undoubtedly offers profound rewards for those who look past the demands and approach the job with compassion. In a previous article, we discussed the Top Qualities Caregivers Possess . Do these qualities describe you or someone you know? If so! Have you or […]
How To Get through Caregiving with more grace and ease
Caregiving for an aging loved one can drain us of our time, energy, and sanity. How do we ensure our own happiness and success while looking after the wellbeing of another? Believe me – It’s a balancing act. But, caregiving with more grace and ease is feasible! Here are a few life hacks to help […]
Qualities of Caregivers
Caregivers are the people we rely on to look after our aging loved ones. These are the people we open our homes and hearts to and essentially act as a companion to those they are caring for. A caregiver is responsible for the health, happiness and prosperity of someone in need. It takes a lot […]