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WANTED: Certified Nursing Assistants & Qualified Caregivers / What, Why and How to Become a CNA

There are several Reasons to be a Caregiver and a desperate need for qualified caregivers and Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) especially in Southern California.

There is such a high demand for CNAs and Qualified Caregivers because caring for our elderly and home care assistance is greater than ever before. More families wish to now keep their elderly loved ones independently living or “aging in place” and are providing long-term care to older adults with limitations.

“Nearly 25% of American households are providing care to people age 50 years and over.”

Those considering becoming a certified nurse assistant can expect a career that provides personal and professional fulfillment, with the possibility of advancement. Although the hours can be long and the work demanding, CNAs and caregivers generally report satisfaction because they’re helping people.

What is a CNA?

A Certified Nursing Assistant is a valued member in the heath care field. A CNA typically provides home care services or cares for patients in hospitals and rehabilitation/nursing home facilities.

Duties of a CNA include
Running errands
Dressing & undressing
Light housekeeping
Draping patients
Feeding assistance
Taking patient vitals,etc…

Most importantly, caregivers and CNAs act as a companion and support system to those they are looking after.

Why be a CNA?

There are numerous reasons and you can find them here!

Why you should be a caregiver
How do you become a CNA?

Becoming a CNA is relatively easy and inexpensive. To become a certified nursing assistant you will need a high school diploma or GED. Once you have that minimum qualification and pass an “Ability to Benefit Test”, simply follow these next steps.

1. Enroll and Complete a State-Approved Education Program
CNA training requirements very by state, so be sure to research local requirements. CNA programs are offered by a variety of institutions. We highly recommend our friends at Health Care Academy if you are in the Southern California area.

With year round class offerings you can earn your certification in 6 weeks in a full time program or 12 weeks in a part-time program.

2. Pass a State-Specific Examination
After completing your CNA training, you will be required to pass a state examination to be completely certified. The test will include both practical and clinical components.

3. Find your First Job as a CNA
Luckily; because certified nursing assistants are in such high demand, this won’t be difficult.

Students who graduate from the Health Care Academy have almost a 100% placement rate!

What can I expect from the program?
Most CNA programs are full or part time and last six to twelve weeks. The program will be challenging but students can expect to learn a lot in a short period of time.

The Certified Nursing Assistant program will teach candidates to care for patients in Hospitals, Skilled Nursing, Rehabilitation and Nursing Home facilities. The program will prepare students to handle complete patient assistance as well as all the clinical work necessary for the state certification program.

For an in depth examination of everything to expect, you can view the Health Care Academy Student Handbook.

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